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Simex road maintenance attachments


  • Asphalt Pavers

    SIMEX ST asphalt pavers have a maximum paving width of 1.70 meters and can extend laterally up to 1.62 meters outside the wheel.

  • Planers

    SIMEX PL self-levelling planers automatically maintain planing depth regardless of the condition of the surface they are used on.

  • Excavator Planers

    Simex PHD & PLB planers are the recommended attachment for performing the toughest of jobs

  • Vibrating Plate Compactors

    SIMEX PV vibrating plate compactors for attachment on excavator booms are designed to compact the ground inside trenches.

  • Vibrating Wheel Compactors

    SIMEX CT vibrating compactors ensure a firm, even and extremely compact bed that stands the test of time and offers maximum road traffic safety.

  • Cutter Heads

    SIMEX TF cutter heads give excellent results for certain types of fixed-section trenching when excavating hard and rocky materials.

  • Chain Threnchers

    SIMEX CHD chain excavators are ideal for digging small fixed-section trenches in natural soil with depths ranging from 900-1500 mm and widths from 150-250 mm.

  • Wheel Saws
  • Screening Buckets
  • Stabilizers

    Simex PL self-leveling road stabilizers are designed to perform ground stabilization and consolidation.

  • Wall Grinders

    Designed for excavator mounting, Simex WG wall grinders are ideal for smoothing uneven surfaces and removing shotcrete bumps.

  • Beach Cleaner

    Simex BC Beach Cleaners are ideal for sifting wet or dry sand to remove fine debris and cigarette butts.

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