Ammann ARS 200 Tier 4F


It’s hard to know what the next job will bring: Clay, sand or something in between? Will it require traditional compacting methods or will you have to adjust amplitude and frequency. Ammann Soil Compactors provide industry-leading compaction outputs. Your jobsite conditions might change, but you will always have a need for productivity and performance.

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The Ammann ARS 200 T4f Soil Compactor goes to work on jobsites where the ultimate compaction power is needed, including sub-bases for heavy transportation construction such as railways, airfields and harbors.

It combines advanced amplitude and vibratory systems with a heavier operating weight of 22 tons to deliver industry-leading compaction outputs.

Options can make the machine even more productive. HX versions of the roller are available that excel in jobsites where high tractive efforts are required.

Optional ACEforce technology identifies uncompacted spots. In addition, all measured values can be displayed and evaluated including load-bearing capacity of material, number of passes and frequency/amplitude values.