Simex TFV 850

Intended for excavator mounting, Simex TFV vertical cutter heads are ideal for profiling, excavating irregular shapes, cropping piles, trenching smaller widths, removing iron and steel residues, or mixing soils. Milling drums available for different applications and diameters.  

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TFV 850

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TFV 850

TFV 850
TFV 850
TFV 850
Recommended excavator weight (1) 15-25 ton 33000-55000 lbs
Diameter 450 mm 18 inch
Operating weight (2) 570 kg 1255 lbs
(1) User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the excavator’s specifications and weight requirements.
(2) Without mounting bracket attaching to prime mover.

Simex / EMS does not accept responsibility or liability for the information provided. Technical modifications may vary without prior notice.

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