Ammann eARX 26-2

Ammann ARP Pivot-Steer Tandem Rollers have long been renowned for their powerful vibratory system and excellent compaction output. These rollers also offer pivot steering reducing the shear forces that can result when heavy compactors work on curves.

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The eARX 26-2 Light Tandem Roller features a fully electric drive that can operate for up to 8 hours – and sometimes beyond – without recharging. With an operating weight of 2640 kg (5820 lb), it’s big for a machine with an electric drive.

The absence of a diesel engine and after-treatment structure eliminate exhaust emissions. Therefore, the machine can work inside buildings and at underground jobsites, such as tunnels.

All electric drive and vibration motors are equipped with a recuperation mechanism as standard. When the machine stops, or when vibration is turned off, the electric motors continue to generate power – and send it to the main battery to increase charge.

The usage of only 48 volts is another safety feature. The low voltage minimises risk of injury during operation and service.

The absence of a combustion engine makes the eARX 26-2 extremely quiet during operation. 

Other important features are the roller’s design, drum construction, operator platform and engine compartment. Maintenance costs are all but eliminated.


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